Are you thinking of installing a balustrade handrail at your premises? But did you know that Constructing a deck and handrail is accompanied by a set of standards defined by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) that need to be compiled or otherwise results in serious implications.

Some of these regulations are explicitly concerned with the height of the deck or whether a barrier needs to be constructed and how it should be designed to help prevent any deck related injuries.

Balustrades are generally made up of concrete, timber & steel; one must ensure that they follow building regulations with respect to height, fixings and tension. Current balustrade installation requirements instruct balustrades must be at least one metre high from the adjacent finished floor surface. However, one must also check for height compliance in situations where floor finish might have been applied after balustrade installation. Moreover, all the material and designs used for balustrade installation must comply with building code of conduct. Below are few measures that must be considered for balustrade installation:

Balustrade for areas under 1-metre height above floor level

An area where the fall from platform to the floor is less than 1 meter is exempted from balustrade installation. However, those who wish to install one can do so but must ensure the stability of the structure. For safety purposes, experts recommend wire spacings between 100 to 200mm and post spacings to be 2metres apart at max.

Balustrade for areas over 1 metre to 4 metres above floor level

For an area where fall between the platform and floor exceeds 1 meter, one needs a balustrade install that complies with regulations placed by VBA. Few are mentioned below:

  • The height of the handrail must be at least 1 meter
  • Handrail section for this balustrade must be 40mm or more
  • Balustrade must be either made from timber or stainless steel


Wire Runs

A wire balustrade is made up of a series of tensioned wire ropes that are either connected horizontally or vertically as a support to prevent anyone from falling from a staircase or roof.

If balustrade is made from wire runs, then one needs to consider the spacing between each wire run which should not be more than 60mm.

Furthermore, the runs must be installed in straight lines, a wire run meeting a corner section should be terminated.

Intermediate Post Spacings

The recommended length of a run has a maximum limit of 10 meters, which varies depending upon the type of wire system been chosen. These runs should be supported by intermediate posts placed at a spacing of 1200mm or lesser.

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This article is just a guide and highlights main pointers with respect to balustrade installation. However, one must consult local state or council regulations before building any type of handrail.