Stainless Steel 3.2mm DIY Balustrade Kit

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Hardware Kit for DIY Balustrades

Hardware kit for DIY balustrade installation includes all necessary fittings excluding wire rope and swage tool. We recommend 3.2mm 7×7 or 7 x19 Construction. Just let us now how much wire you need and we can add to your order. Swage tools are also available for hire.

Product Description

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Balustrading kit includes the following items: 1 x M5 Eye to Eye Turnbuckle 2 x M3 Thimbles 2 x 3.2mm Copper Nickel Plated Hand Swages 2 x M5 Saddles 4 x 8G x 1-3/4 Countersunk self tapping screws (G304)