The rise of the DIY balustrade

The rise of the DIY balustrade

We have seen a huge rise in do-it-yourself TV shows, social channels and products becoming readily available to complete any DIY mission. Nothing seems to have become more self-gratifying than admiring a completed project and secretly puffing your chest up in pride that YOU made that happen.

We find the hardest choice our customers have is choosing if they would want a wire cable system or a glass system. The look is so drastically different that normally the part when people are biting their nails in hopes it’s the right choice. But we believe either or looks just as modern, striking and beautiful.

Balustrading is one of those projects that majority of people feel they need to be installed by a professional, but we can assure you if you can tighten a bolt, you can install a balustrade. We sell DIY kits, so any Joe can easily carry out this project on a normal weekend. We can assure you as soon as you know the major components and how to assemble them, the rest is smooth sailing.

We have experienced staff that can walk you through the process and demonstrate how to install the kit with little effort. If still unsure we are happy to take any calls throughout your installation process. With the limitless videos there are on YouTube, well known DIY channels and articles on DIY blogs, it’s so hard not to find the help you need…even in the wee early hours of the morning.

We offer a fabrication service so any difficult turn, bend, length can be easily solved by our team.