Traditional is out, Balustrades are in!

Traditional is out, Balustrades are in!

This Summer give your house a fresh glamorous look with frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrades: With its breathtakingly contemporary and deluxe looks, glass balustrades is one of the most popular trends nowadays. This is much due to the popularity of home improvement shows like The Block, Reno Rumble, House Rules, Rehab Addict, Ready Set Reno, Raise the roof and Listed Sisters (the list goes on). It is evident the desire to renovate has never been more popular as home hardware stores get more foot traffic than supermarkets on the weekend.

Modern design has seen a huge focus on simplicity, spaciousness and open living. As we see all major builders predominately offer open plan living options, we have seen a rise in internal walls with glass look throughs, Stainless Steel pieces for external features and the use of glass balustrading to create a more airy, open space internally and externally.

To make your contemporary home a tangible reality, Star Stainless by HES comes with a wide range of balustrading options to create a home that not only reflects your style but give the impression of grand space.

There is a huge misconception that glass balustrading can only have one ‘look’ With Star Stainless comes a variety of Glass Balustrading options with variations in framing, fixings, colours and textures. All of which are customized according to our client’s requirements.

Glass Balustrades are completely safe and durable, perfect for the harshest elements like salt water, wind, heavy rain and everything else mother nature can throw at it. Have trust in our railing systems, they are ideal for areas with kids.

FYI Glass Balustrades are low maintenance as the fittings are made of marine grade stainless steel that won’t corrode, but requires occasional maintenance.

To get more information on Glass Balustrades, Contact Star Stainless by HES to bring your home into the twenty-first century. HES offer manufacturing and installation service in the Melbourne Metro area. Call now for further information.